Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Within a few seconds Bitcoin

Within a few seconds Bitcoin currency from the customer's account is transferred to the taxi company representatives. 
Generated QR code. The client also runs Bitcoin payment app, scan the QR code and confirms the payment amount.
This decision is not new. It has a running time of some New York City taxi and limousine companies.
If payment for taxi services by credit card is nothing strange, this settlement still rising Bitcoin currency is a complete novelty not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic countries, as well as in Europe. 
It has become a common way to pay for virtual "virtual" services such as web hosting, web design templates, a variety of memberships and other online services.
The United States and Europe, is rapidly gaining popularity and electronic shops where the goods can be paid by Bitcoin (BTC).
Payment for actual taxi services in Lithuania should increase interest in this virtual currency.

Although the real point of sale and service providers to the currency accepted is still rare, although the mobile payment technology is rapidly gaining popularity. 

In Lithuania Bitcoins still unpopular, although the Lithuanians Internet enthusiasts there are also not so limited.

Look at where can I pay with Bitcoin in Lithuania. 

Sure could use Xapo or other Bitcoin debit card and all ATMs and withdraw euros, and everywhere, in shops, even is not charged fees.

It did;

Moon Garden (hotel-restaurant)
Bazilijonų street 10, Vilnius, Lithuania

Jimmy Jumps House (hostel)
Savičiaus street 12, Vilnius, Lithuania

JazzExpress (taxi)
Ukmergės street 315B, Vilnius, Lietuva

Sinano kebabai
Jono Basanavičiaus street 37, Vilnius, Lithuania

Pilėnai (bar)
Kauno street 1A, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dėvėti (bar)
Sodų street 3, Vilnius, Lithuania

Switch (bar)
Labdarių street 8, Vilnius, Lithuania

SQBY (clothing store)
Jogailos street 11, Vilnius, Lithuania

Aromatų sodas (gift shop)
Stiklių street 7, Vilnius, Lithuania

Centro denticija (dental clinic)
Vilniaus street 25, Vilnius, Lithuania

Barzdaskučiai (men's beauty salon)

Žydų street 2-8, Vilnius, Lithuania

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