Monday, September 26, 2016

Blockchain the multi-signature transactions

Anyone who wants to with a smart phone can now have a digital bank account.
Account to your phone as a digital wallet, but instead of using a bank as an intermediary used Blockchain. Anyone can now send money from Europe to America from their digital wallet through Blockchain as quicklyand cheaply as such, make yourself a cup of coffee, it is practically free. 
A bank account in your pocket.
In the early days, Bitcoin was the only digital cash. There are now many alternatives which each offer slightly different features; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc.

Popular Digital Wallet;

It does not cost anything, keep your money in a digital wallet. Freedom flexibility and price of course. And all this for a mediator and as such do not stay - Blockchain system you are connected to the for sending in, or get virtual currency accounts (all accounts equal).

Blockchain exciting new fetures on digital wallets is that the multi-signature transactions (MultiSig).
Its possible to set up a digital wallet, on which the money can only be spent just to get approval from several countries transaction.
For example, you can have a vacation fund, where the money can be spent only if you and your wife to confirm the transaction. You can have labor expense account, where you need to managers for approval and so on.

Most people continue to use traditional banking in the developed world, but more people are finding traditional banking is slow, costing as much, or inflexible, they now have anattractive alternative.

Bitcoin decentralized transaction systems

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