Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Become a leader

 We can all be leaders. You just need to become a leader, a leader who leads itself, that your desires rise up to reality.
To become a leader, not everyone wants to, and why? Free and freely accept other is the choice of many people. Free mind, and no negative action, that is this freedom which can be compared with the advent of virtual Bitcoin.

Byzantine generals problem;
"As in a group - network - human / computer / etc, to reach an agreement (consensus), under the following conditions:

Communication transmission channels between network participants are unreliable.
Some participants in the network can defraud or otherwise harm the network.

Everything must be carried out in such a way that you do not trust anyone, which means that the problem be solved without the imposition of central control point or hierarchy ("trusted third-party") - all participants in the network must be equal."

So far we have seen that the leaders simply necessary attention surrounding his action justified. But many leaders have been and now are wrong in their chosen path. These include political and financial, business and other fields.
Old splice leader already do not want to, it is clearly reflected in the world - simply because we have more publicity, and we see their hidden goals and fail to be with yourself.
And with the new millennium, more and more we find a new leader and as such perception of his vision.
And nothing strange in that it is exactly now comes and comes together with virtual currency Bitcoin. To be a leader is primarily just for yourself!

It is hard to imagine the kingdom without a king or an enterprise without a guide, probably in this way and at will, never, and always we will have what is headed, but as a virtual currency Bitcoin management, show us which direction to go public, it is all put together by consensus, which means more transparency and democracy.

About to lead the people are said to have been born in that this individual characteristics. Which is not to have, would result in any way not succeed in achieving its own goal. This is not entirely true. It's full, it is not true.
Of course, certain inherent qualities of character necessary for the person who wants to be a leader: a modest, frightened man, who better to pursue other commandments will never be a successful leader, but also a sociable and responsible person can lift themselves into a leadership position.
Approach, about which I am talking, is not the head of the other, I'm talking, but about to be a leader for themselves, wherever you are responsible for their actions that lead to your success.

The main thing is that you know exactly what you want and to be brave, to not be afraid to criticize himself as a good leader can be only in the field by simply love it and want to go step by step directly toward a higher value.

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