Friday, May 20, 2016

Bitcoin is rapidly spreading

More and more a pluses get Bitcoin in their ease of use and its  popularity has become irreversible. Bitcoin is rapidly spreading in the world virtual currency, which attracts more and more people to their side. Not only physical, but also legal. Companies saw what an interesting way - the opportunity to choose to pay using this currency.
For information about what it is and why it makes sense to use this currency is pretty much. However, when the real need to sign up any page there is a lot of questions. 
How's it going
Since everything happens virtually, in this case, the most valuable information to search on the Internet, where the first steps have already passed people share their experiences.
An additional advantage to use free Bitcoin giving sites, and advantage of this Bitcoin can be obtained even for free. Of course, the amount will be small, but by playing with virtual money will be able to figure out exactly how the system works will continue to decide if you want to buy more.
Bitcoin popular choice, which leads to more and more people prefer this payment for goods and services in a way. It is said that the near future, it will become the official currency, which outrank all other existing options.

Earn from free Bitcoin faucet

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Earn from free Bitcoin faucet

More to learn about Bitcoin sure you find what the heck is fascinated here, and then there is the desire to test themselves and earn some free bitkoin.
It is a common question asked by newbies - Where can I get free bitcoin? 
One of the easiest ways to earn from free Bitcoin faucet.

What is the Bitcoin faucet and how bitcoin faucet works?

Bitcoin faucet that is sites that pay you a small part of Bitcoin called Satoshi, simply for the fact that they visited.
So Bitcoin act as an incentive to bring people to the site.
Faucet sites make their money from advertising.

These sites rely on ads, so they can pay.
And the site owner wants to show more ads and make more money.
The incentive to keep getting more for visiting Bitcoin faucet encourages users to return.

Faucet also has a referral / affiliate programs. It provides users a percentage of profits and owner get the new users.
Bitcoin earned the people, they will tell you to visit the site. This multiplies the amount of visitors and generate more ad views.

It is a mutually profitable business, but you should avoid the robots and tricksters.
To get paid all you have to do is enter your Bitcoin address in the input field, to solve the CAPTCHA and click the action button "Claim".
From faucets to pay small amounts of Satoshi, amount collected in a site called FaucetBox to file your income up to a certain value, then pays you directly to your wallet. Such as Fautsy
Not all faucets to pay too FaucetBox are cumulative faucet, which also need to collect the threshold amount and then you can Withdraw straight to your wallet.
How is this, one of the good old faucet freebitcoin or called Bitcoin generator type Faucets as CetoBeto
Another would pay immediately.
For example Xapo faucets transfer directly into your wallet just by entering Xapo e-mail or code-address. One of this old and good is a moonbitcoin, other Scratch4Satoshis

There are and more ways. And all of them are good in their own way.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bitcoin network protocol

Whatever it is, Bitcoin network protocol?

As Bitcoin solved the "Byzantine Generals Problem", which means that any trusted third-party can change the public or open source algorithms.

Where is necessary trusted third-party?
Notaries, property registries, courts, voting, government, stock exchanges, corporations,..
All of this can be automated, open, transparent. No possibility of corruption or manipulation.
That the problem be solved without the imposition of central control point or hierarchy "trusted third-party" - all participants in the network must be equal.
That and it is the Bitcoin network protocol - open and transparent.

Is there Bitcoin protocol weaknesses?

Lack of anonymity?? If The private keys that are mathematically related to a distinctive Bitcoin addresses generated for the wallet - this is what is visible to all, it could be on gaps anonymity?
As Bitcoin transaction shall become effective only if it is in your blockchain copy inscribed and can see every Bitcoin user, therefore, not possible to carry out such transactions, which are not seen by the whole world. This means, that any person in the world can see as one of private key send BTC to other private key when and how much BTC sent - all this information is public. 
But what this or other personality, no one knows
If you more interesting to learn;

More information about this lack of Bitcoin and its potential solutions, this is the lecture of Microsoft Research - Anonymous Distributed E-Cash from Bitcoin

51% of the possibility of attack. Since the agreement reached Bitcoin system democratic manner, which means that everything is going well, as decided by more than 50% of users (as measured by the Bitcoin network resources allocated to computer power). In order to meet the 51% of the attack, there should be more resources for computer power than the rest of the Bitcoin network. At present, the total amount of the Bitcoin network resources is a thousand times greater than the 500 most powerful supercomputers currently existing amount of resources.